Meeting friends is hard. Taking care of kids is hard. Combining the two is almost torture. Unless you face the same struggles, then it’s something to bond over. Unless you go on a playdate and you completely shut down the dating dialogue because you have to watch your kids’ every move so they don’t
* run out onto the street
* piss in their pants
* piss on a fence at a park in front of other kids and maybe a parent, as well
* die of dehydration
* push their supposed friends
* beat the shit out of their brothers in front of other people
* touch all the food and put it all back
* eat other kids’ food
* steal toys from younger, helpless, bystanding children
* monopolise swings
That was just two hours.

You’ll  call me, right?


One thought on “Mom-Dating

  1. Lauren says:

    haha! yep, I know just what you mean! My kids like to start worlds biggest meltdown when I try and converse with other parents. Usually they are fine, but try and talk to another adult, we can’t have that!

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