Crafty Mama

4yo doesn’t take medecine, period. He had his tonsils/adenoids out 18 months ago and refused meds of any kind 90% of his recovery time. Any time he has a bad cold or sore throat, he refuses medicine, even tea with honey or chewable kid stuff. It’s sort of a nightmare, because I can’t help him but we need to keep doing whatever we are doing, of course. So sometimes I try and hide the honey (buckwheat honey tastes like shit, but it was recommended to me by a Dr for kids’ cough and chest colds) in juice, or even apple cidar vinegar in juice. Of course, he takes one sip and is onto me, like a dog avoiding heartworm tablets, but I’ve got to keep trying.
Right now he has a sore throat and a bit of a cough, so I have found a recipe for gummie lollies that I would like to try. There are a few flavour options so I can do buckwheat honey as well as the local raw stuff I bought a carton of last weekend. Also, I just saw a recipe for rose hip syrup and etc, which will taste like candy and be great for sort of everything. I’ve got to be crafty to stay ahead of the game. Wish me luck.


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