3rd time’s the charm

Talk about diy.
Husband and I have now had 3 ‘weddingish’ ceremonies. I didn’t plan on that but it is fun the way things turn out.


Sydney, 2006

I bought my first dress and paid the average princely sum at the time. It was not at all what I thought I would fall in love with.


Las Vegas 2012

With my parents visiting at the time, we thought we would take a short trip, just the 2 of us. Therefore, it should be to Vegas, and why wouldn’t one get hitched at some sort of drive-thru or chapel o’ love, etc? I chose this dress on sale, super sale, at a bridal chain store.

When one goes on holiday to Scotland, one cannot not get married at Gretna Green, so that is what we did. The boys were in kilts and ties, there was a piper escorting me to my waiting groom, I had to wear red tartan.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and especially that we took the case as carry-on luggage so it didn’t get lost with the rest of our bloody luggage. The skirt was straightforward, being just pleated. The top was a bit more complex, but turned out well and I loved the black lace collar.
We have no plans for more weddings and quite frankly, I’ve no idea how I would make a 4th dress unique from its predecessors…
On the other hand, I’m sure I could figure something out!


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