Late Night Special

You know those feelings that perk up, or intuitive thoughts that pop into your head randomly for no reason? I trust those, because there is always a reason. Whether or not it is to avoid a car that would have reversed into you, or you randomly drive past a friend’s house and they actually need your help or were just about to call you, or you decide to check on the kids before going to bed yourself, I trust those feelings. They have stood me in good stead when shit gets real. Like, blowout whilst asleep in bed, for reals.
Totes random, 4.5yo has been toilet trained for years – he actually was dry at night long before he mastered the art of not pissing his pants during the day – so he was just as upset as I was when I woke him up to coax him out of his newly coloured pants. Poor sausage.
Egad. I had conveniently forgotten all about poo cleanups and had nothing much around to help after he was back in bed. The other boys often get up during the night to go to the bathroom, so I had to think fast… Mouthwash. It’s all of the things I need to degerm a bathroom floor, including a strong minty freshness.
So much for an early night. On the other hand, all that running up and down stairs has earned me my steps for today! Currently sitting at 12k and counting.


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