Breakfast totally doesnt count

So there’s a function coming up in a few weeks and I’ve known about it for a few months. I’ve been working out for 2 and a bit years but my love of foodstuffs in general has been working in opposition to this rigorous routine for probably the entire 2 and a bit years. Sigh. Anyhoo, I bought a new pair of sneakers and they aren’t my favourite because my feet hurt like bastards on father’s day (read that the other day and laughed and laughed. Sorry, bastards) and as a consequence I haven’t been to the gym all week. Add that to not lifting anything heavier than my ass out of bed every day and the weight I had worked so damn hard to lose has returned and guess what, they brought friends, so yeah.
What I plan to wear to this glamorous spit roast is my second wedding dress, but the zip was not happy about that today, so hello eating habits.
What’s the point of having 3 different wedding dresses if you can’t fit back into even one of them?
Sure, the first one won’t fit because of babies and ribcages etc, and I never got on board the waist training bandwagon, aka corsets. FFS people, corsets, really? Yes I am forlorn over my (misspent youth) misplaced smaller waistline but corsets I am not.
Anyhoo, going to try (to put the fork down) the keto diet, basically eating butter and bacon until my clothes are too big. Sounds counterintuitive but if I drop the excess carbs, then maybe i will trick my body into burning fat for energy like I never could with the whole balanced diet and moderate exercise adage, then I can bloody well try the opposite.


Tiday. I started w bread for breakfast and that's a no-no

Wish me luck.


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