Joe hill

So I had my first up close and personal celebrity experience this weekend – a bookstore event with Joe Hill! He read from his new book, answered questions and engaged everyone in a sing along before signing books.
The staff set up everyone in an ordely fashion for the signing so he could personalize a message. What could I possibly ask him to write? I could think of nothing witty and he ended up resorting to a standard three word sentence that was actually only two words. He handed me the book and we looked at each other. We both said a variation of “thanks a bunch” and then I left. What was I supposed to say or do? He’s heard it all, I’d expect, and I was too star-struck and excited to spit out anything original.
We saw Sandra Bullock at Disneyland last year, she was over there with her squad and probably trying to avoid a toddler meltdown like the rest of us. So I know celebs are just regular joes like everyone else, but I’d like to be able to say something kick ass next time instead of biting my tongue.
At the time, obviously, everyone there was pretty dang excited and I wondered how excited the bookstore lady was since she was wearing cool stockings that looked like lace-up boots to mid-thigh with a cute red mini skirt, plus an off-the-shoulder shirt complete with fashionably visible black bra strap. Maybe she wears that to work everyday because she’s a sexy book nerd and she works in Portland so, whatevs, but I’m not going to assume that there’s not some after party on a book tour where the groupies line up, because hello, book nerds unite and mighty pens and swords and all that. Anyway.
I finished the day with a short tour of the local fire station with a friend who apparently “doesnt work with any hot firemen” which is bullshit. It was a suitable finish to the day.
Phew! Is it hot in here?


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