Je Suis Desolate

So this trip will be quite different from my last and especially the beginning – because there are no bicep curls this time! I have a hat box full of hats rather than books (I only brought one book with me and it’s paperback!) and my case is a rolling dream,

rather than stunning and heavy AF vintage. Also, the flight is in the a.m. and is with Husband rather than my own self.


Husband and I are heading to Quebec  for our 10th wedding anniversary (April) while my parents are in town, so we know the boys are in good hands. They will be clean and ready for action when we get back on the weekend.
(It’s currently 7.15 and Husband just suggested I grab a glass of champagne if you’re wondering how this is going to go)
Husband gave up his upgrade to stay with me at the back of the plane. He definitely loves me. He was rewsrded with a beer from the guy who got his 1st class seat.
We watched Deadpool on the first flight in tandem, pausing the ads so we could be in sync, it was super romantic. Afterwards when Husband took a nap, I refrained from jamming my fingers into his mouth, because I love him, too.
Later, I started reading a new book because I’m midway through The Fireman and it’s too heavy to bring as baggage if I finish it in a day; Husband was reading a draft of my novel and he’s enjoying it thus far. Maybe that’s because I named one of the characters after him or because he liked the sex scenes, maybe both of the above.

We finally arrived! Going to print off some phrases and then voila!


One thought on “Je Suis Desolate

  1. Trenie says:

    Have a great time and don’t forget the chocolate and champagne breakfast.. Great to start off every day.. No need to remind you but make sure you “always” color outside the lines.. life is more fun that way. 🙂 ENJOY!!

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