It’s Go Time!

Today is the day, the wedding day! I can hear bells ringing in the distance – probably the alarm bells for the railway boom gates, but anyway – to herald this joyous day, hooray! I woke up concerned that we were running late, but for what? Husband is officiating the wedding, sure, but after trimming the no man’s land between neck and beard, he’s ready to go, and me, I’m just a tearful spectator and my dress doesn’t even need to be ironed.
What was I doing on this day a decade or thereabouts ago? Husband and I said good-bye the previous day and I went to get my hair dyed. On the morning of I didn’t even shave my legs, I was too busy playing dress-ups in my veil and sipping champagne with my bitches before the hair and make-up people arrived.

The weather on our wedding day was perfect – much as it is today – and we even have a photo of a literal ray of sunshine beaming down on the wedding party when we were doing the official business – no, that business came later. And yes, we did our official business in my wedding dress, that is the most official business of all.
All I can do today – besides not overload my waterproof mascara – is hope that the happy couple have time for themselves to savor, because on a day that is meant to be about the two people in the center of it, it rarely is, and we must make time for official business whenever we can.


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