We Bought A Canoe

And not like Matt Damon bought a zoo, either.


We actually love MD, even tho we laugh like hysterical bastards when this is on

We bought a small canoe with a bunch of machined holes in the bottom because 8yo (in nearly three weeks and I haven’t even started his bday stuff) likes kayaking and this thing was $20 and a stones throw down I5. Husband was over the moon because it was a shorter drive than he had thought, never mind that we would be saving $300.


We managed not to scratch the car AND we found a youtube video that was literally made for Husband, named something like “so you bought a canoe off craigslist and you need to fill up them holes and save yourself $300”.
It would have been a great project for the boys but apparently filling in the holes involves all types of epoxies and resins and sanding down fibreglass, so they’ll probably watch a movie while Husband bitches about the job, even though we saved $300 by not buying knew.
Disclaimer: Husband is a hard worker who values his down time.
There was a noticeable lack of child input and distraction during the eerily calm 18 minute segments of the dude’s videos. Anyhoo, I’ve big expectations about when its finished!


Full credit to Isiah Mustafa - those are not my abs


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