Jodi Foster
Bryan Brown
Rod Stewart
They are just three celebrities I have seen this weekend who turned out not to be themselves but someone else.
Doppelgangers. People who look like eerily similar to someone else.
There’s a market for it and probably a lot of other things, too, which I need not mention.
Apparently there’s one of me, two people have said I look familiar but that happens to me a lot. Not sure if it’s an wasy segway into conversation because I can, apparently, never use easy segways – I just stand around looking awkward and unapproachable.
Do you remember the movie Aeon Flux?

Cult cartoon with either nude or semi-nude people somersaultimg around and being spies. The hollywood remake detailed the lack of material in the DNA pool and they were basically recycling people.

Theoretically that explains doppelgangers. Outside of manga, though, I’m drawing a blank.


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