A Car Like Grandpa

When I was in high school, I couldn’t decide which car was my fave. I didn’t agonize but it was still a big deal, this nonsensical fantasy which would never amount to anything because I a)had no cash and b)didn’t want a car. Anyhoo, the contenders were a Suzuki Swift (NOT the Sierra!), some sort of Pulsar and the ever-cool EH Holden wagon. Why was this ever in question??

Anyhoo, my parents had a Torana when they got married which I cringed over in my early primary school years, because obvs six year olds know cars, and one of my grand dads had an old Fairlane. It was big and white and the leather was always polished and I wasn’t particularly impressed with it, but walking through the mall the other day, I randomly smelt something like that exact smell, even though there was only chipboard and old carpet and heat through the windows around me.

And then today we were living large in !Murica! watching some smash ’em up derby at the fair, and in rolled this long white boat of a car, sans door handles and windows, of course. The boys thought it was a Lincoln because Husband has one and they look similar – there’s probably other long boatcars of other brands floating around the roadways, too.

I’m not sure what car the boys hanker after or if they do, but I hope they have wonderful recollections of things about their people many years after those times have passed, too.


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