I Survived 

9yo reads the I Survived book series about wars and tribulations and what have you; 

Here’s me being chased by the office shark

I could pen one about surviving the first day back at work in a decade.

I forgot names, I forgot what to say when I answered the phone, it was hard to remember how to use office machinery like the photocopier, and it was hard to save face after all of the above. But I made it through and am ready to face another day tomorrow.
But what am I going to wear? So many clothes and there’s nothing to wear. I made two skirts over the weekend but I did more unpicking than anything else because I’ve done no sewing in a year. And this morning the shirt I intended for my first day in full view of my adoring public had a stain on it, right on the boob – so obvious! Ideally my clothing schedule won’t be the same as Seinfeld’s would-be girlfriend 

but time is of the essence. Essence of grape mostly, but occasionally of cotton and polyester, and juniper.

Cheers to the beginning of the work week.


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