Pinkies Up!

Hallooo! Tea time is never tea time without pinkies and hats, and sugar cubes, too, but that’s one thing I did forget, doh!

Have you seen those rude teacups circulating online? I was tagged in those posts by friends a few times because apparently, I’m a bit rude. No offense taken. I loved the cups and thought to buy some but they were a bit pricey for me, so I did what I do and that is, I made them myself.

I found a few online tutorials for sharpie mugs and voila!

I found the oil paint sharpies online and coincidentally snagged some old cups my office was turfing. It was good to practice using the pens coz sometimes too much came out from that pressure-point tip! Anyhoo, you can wipe off any mistakes (and you should clean the cups beforehand) with alcohol wipes. If you don’t have a box of those lying around, they’re easy enough to find at a pharmacy or, I don’t know, probably a grocery store or walmart next to the double-guage shotguns or something. I made a few mistakes and then wiped them off, no sweat.

When I was happy with the final result, I lined them up, all pretty like, and forgot about them for three days and then popped them bitches in the oven for the recommended half hour or so, at 400F or so. The thing to remember is to put them in before heating up the oven, and take them out after it has cooled.

I was going to make a pretty rude menu but the fucking printer wouldn’t work because of missing printer drivers, or some other bullshit. I’ve managed to set it up again now, just in time to print 200 school valentines, but I missed the boat on the rude menu. Sad!

We had a lovely time and one of my friends swore in front of my kids, ha! Of course, those fuckers have heard it all before. Context, people! Husband also walked in during our tete e fucking tete with a well-timed “What’s up, bitches” and then we laughed and laughed and told him to fuck off. It was lovely. 10/10 fucks to give for this little party.


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