A Likely Short-Lived Reprieve

It is the weekend. Usually I am trying to stop the kids from annoying each other or me, or trying not to get involved in their annoyances, or trying to do my own thing since they are old enough to only annoy each other rather than be in immediate danger. I could be doing any number of things but the boys are unnaturally quiet and yet, not up to no good. Rather than taking advantage, I am soaking up the quiet and lack of shenanigans, enjoying their creativity and independence. And did I mention it is quiet?? It won’t stay this way for long, i.e. quiet, independent or shenanigan-free, or innocent, for that matter.

The fire is on and we are all lulled into a false sense of little house on the prairie so I will be sure to watch for anyone edging too close to the hatchett we have for kindling, but so far, so good. I’ll be in a different frame of mind tomorrow when I try to get literally anything done in preparation for school, and shenanigans are likely in overblown mode, but for now I must enjoy this unnatural quiet, a meek mother in the midst of an urban myth.


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