Sexy Mom Giph

Just so you know, I’m not some asshole who just happens to have medjool dates lying around waiting to be made into any old nutritious snack.

not the giph I was looking for but I do love a woman in pearls

I did have these medjool dates lying around because I learned about vegan fudge a few years ago and wanted to make some. I’ve done it maybe three times. If you have medjool dates lying around then good for you, and I guess you’re not necessarily an asshole, but I digress.

When the schools closed down, I panicked, did some hand-wringing, and inventoried the pantry. I also rearranged everything into containers because we have had a mouse or two in the past and somebody else eating through my rations is not an option! Basically, I organised the pantry like I should have when we moved into the house nine years ago.

So that’s why I have dates and why I knew where to find them.


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