Summer Siestas

My boys do not watch a lot of television – we have too many toys, a multitude of books and an expansive backyard. When our eldest – who prides himself on telling people he is “almost 6 AND A HALF” – became proficient sans training wheels, he would go out to the garage first thing and ride his bike (we did have a few issues with the house alarm, though, egad!). It has also been reading books, cars, trains and now it is lego, and I expect it will stay lego for the forseeable future. But the point is, that there has never been a demand for tv first thing in the morning or through much of the day, until now. We have always been lucky enough to have a house big enough where the television is not in our main living or playing area, so it is also a case of out of sight, out of mind. But this summer, with the 90s knocking on the doors and boys getting old enough to beg off naps, they have watched way too much tele. Legos, for the joy they inspire, also inspire competitive building to the point of fisticuffs in my 2-6.5 yo age group, and when combined with napless boys, ends with time outs and boohoos more often that not. So out comes the tv shows. And I have to say that I really enjoy Ninjago, and was more than a little disappointed when i heard the other day that it won’t be continued after this season, woe!  But that is besides the point. Too much television! Sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes before bed – not on the same day, thankfully, but too much regardless. And we made it to the beach yesterday after much faffing about, and the boys are watching tv this morning, oh dear. But it’s cold outside and too early for the sand, not everyone has had breakfast yet and I refuse to go anywhere until after I have a shower, damn it! Excuses, excuses.

I cannot wait until September when school has started (6.5yo in first grade and everyday school, oh my!) and we are back to our busy schedule, which will not include much tv at all, especially if Ninjago is no more. 


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