Lady Chats

It is so nice to be able to talk to another grown woman who understands, if not has experienced all the things one goes through, as a wife and mother, stay at home parent and all the rest of our Titles.

i think we talked for 3hours about travelling husbands, raising boys sans travelling husbands, sports and sporting husbands, extra curricular school activities, books and our own time as well. My friend has retired and is trying to find something to do, besides travel with her husband and read, and while I am at the other end – possibly or probably having to work soon to help pay for school – finding something to do will be the hard part. My friend can do anything she wants if she can find what she wants, since she doesnt feel she needs to do things with her kids as much anymore, while I will have to find something to do so I can get paid. Hmmm.  Perhaps I can find something that I like and get paid for it… We do not buy lottery tickets often enough for that to be a pseudo realistic option.

As a stay at home parent I always worry about my parenting style, kids behaviours and if I am doing too much or not enough, but I must give myself more credit than I do, so I might worry less. Many people have said that the boys are well behaved, which I do know, but that also they are very happy and that I seem to hold it all together very well. I need to remember that so when it falls apart a little its okay, and even though knowing other people have the same trials doesn’t help at the time, it can still be comforting after the fact when cabin fever or etc has passed.

And that is also comforting to talk about with people who understand.


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