I dig vintage


(Boys are watching Dumbo, so I keep getting distracted.)

I had an opportunity to duck off for a bit today and head to Astoria. I was told that there were a few antique stores on the main road and while we have been to the coast every year for the last 3 years, I think, we have never made it to Astoria save to drive through.

I didn’t have much time to explore so I am sure I missed out on seeing beautiful old houses and restored buildings and whatnot plus whatevers down on the waterfront, but I did have a sneaky peek in some of the shops and find a lovely pair of pink earrings for myself.

What I really like finding are gorgeous vintage slips and nightgowns, and what I rarely have the pleasure of finding are well-fitting dresses, although a miracle did occur a few weeks ago in the shape of a 50s black dress. And a happy coincidence has just thrown up a dinner party so that I could actually wear said miracle, eeeeeee!

Aurora has been my biggest success story when it comes to vintage – I had a shopping morning on Mother’s Day, and I found quite the handful of vintage hankerchiefs, plus two pairs of stunning earrings. I am actually wearing one of the pairs in my selfie at the top of the page.

Since I have had such luck recently finding vintage nightgowns, I would like to use one of the less pretty slips that I already own inside a dress that I have added tulle to, from my WEDDING VEIL of all things! Yes, it reads correctly, I have butchered my wedding veil in order to repurpose it.

( Dumbo has been turned into a clown, at this point.)

Husband and I renewed our wedding vows in December 2012 – on the day that was to be the end of the world, as it so happened – and after the ‘quick and dirty’ turned out to be not so quick or dirty for the ceremony, I opened the storage box to check out my wedding dress… But I didn’t really like it anymore, oh woe! Months later I have decided to do something useful and pretty with my dress, rather than just leave it to rot in tissue and cardboard. So… I am trying my hand with the veil first – onto a dress that has a very wide seam on which to sew, but it still needs a liner, and that is where the older and less pretty vintage slip comes in. *phew!*

(Dumbo has apparently flown up into a tree.)

Now to vintage shoes – I am not super fussed on sweaty shoes from decades before, which is silly really, since I am wearing someone else’s nightgown, but there it is. However, presuming I found the right pair then things might be different. But, i recently discovered Muffy’s website for saddle shoes, which I just love, so at some point I may be able to get to Vernonia and check out their stock. Like, perhaps tomorrow, on the way back from the coast… I shall have to make the suggestion while Husband sleeps, like the mouse did to the ring master in Dumbo, genius!


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