Mama’s got the blues

Having three boys makes for blue everything. I never bought blue, I was always green, yellow, orange, red and sometimes purple, but relatives and friends of friends’ neighbours’ cousins always gave blue. Turns out boys love heavy machinery and don’t really give a whatever about what colour the rest of the shirt is, until they’re older and every boy they see is wearing blue and every girl in school is given pink preferences by the teachers.

Anyhoo, I have an abundance of blue baby bibs and vague aspirations of turning them into hankerchiefs (we are trying to do away with tissues in our house) or general cleaning cloths. Our eldest lost his first tooth just the other day and decided to wait until Husband came back from the east coast so he could see it before the Tooth Fairy whisked it away. Good thing, too, because we didn’t have anything to put it in for the fairy. Enter the bibs.

When my sister and I were young, we had a gorgeous Tooth Fairy Pillow that was heart-shaped, white with ruffled lace, grey scrollwork and purple flowers, and the obligatory pocket in the middle for the tooth. I have no idea where it ended up but assume that it did the rounds of the cousins when their pearly whites were ready to pop their clogs. Anyhoo, I have not skill and the boys not the inclination for anything so pretty, but I wanted something, so I perused the bibs and found some likely candidates for a mish-mash.

Dang, I can be crafty!


Blue bibs, blue stripes, blue balls on some of them. I finally settled on some moreĀ  blue stripes, and the pocket is adorable!

I had a few small boo-hoos when we discovered the reason that his tooth hurt was because it was loose (he had been asking for ages when a tooth would finally become loose), but I beat the tears with excited screaming and disbelief when it finally came out in the car, blood aside.

Husband and I will surely have a few beverages and look back at baby photos as we wait for the Tooth Fairy tonight.


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