I’d lost that loving feeling

I used to love roller coasters, high swings, fast scooters and all of those things, but shortly after we got married, I turned into an old lady and stopped liking them. I also, generally, have never liked spicy foods or even ordering different items off the menu at oft-frequented restaurants for fear of disappointment in the new dish, but I digress.

After our honeymoon, Husband and I visited my parents interstate and went to Warner Bros Movie World. After going on the Scooby Doo coaster, I confirmed to myself and all who would listen that I was, henceforth, completely done with roller coasters. It was more than a little scary for me, and that is lame, hence being done. Husband was incredulous, and convinced me to go on the Lethal Weapon ride with him. Big. Mistake. That roller coaster is one that hangs UPSIDE DOWN. I was petrified and little mortified, as I think a little wee came out. Absolutely done this time. And, I stuck to my old lady-guns and refused his entreaties to go on the Super Man ride. Fat chance.

However, in the past six months or so, my young lady has been building up inside me, and coming out in ways such as eating (gasp) spicy foods, ordering different things on menus than what I normally would, delegating a little of the housework (shock! horror!) and even sledding down large hills, which I did today. Actually, I did a little sledding in December when my parents visited as well – we went to Hoodoo in the mountains and egad! I nearly wet myself again.

Today, as I stepped onto the flimsy poly-whatever sled, at the top of the hill that really ought to have one of those gradient street signs with pictures of trucks driving down steep roads, I was even thinking to myself “this is a mistake”, “too steep”, and then “TOO FAST”, something about falling over, grazing one’s self from elbow to everywhere, and then “that wasn’t so bad, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, living out of the box etc”. Phew. I thought about doing it again but by then nearly-3yo was calling for the swings, so, yeah.


Stepping out of my “zone” has been good for me, as I’m sure it is for everyone. It has empowered me to do things more confidently, like start this blog, and share it online, and sign up for fun runs WHAT THE?? And start friendly conversations with not quite random strangers, and smile more. That sounds silly but it’s true. And that has in turn made me the well-put-together parent at whatever event, and perhaps I’ve put on some makeup, some nice jewelry (spell check says that is correct but it doesn’t look right to me) or something else that makes people look again. I know that because I am more often than not the other parent, surreptitiously double-taking one or two other parents with their matching socks, clean clothes and nice hair, what-everrrr people! And it is an awesome feeling to be that other parent with nice hair or whatever, or not even matching socks but a smile on my face, and a feeling that I can conquer the world because I can fly by the seat of my pants and enjoy (most) every minute of it.


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