5 minutes with me

I’ve seen the “5 minutes with…” pretty  much everywhere, and since the big boys are playing with lego, I might actually have that much time.

What are you doing right now? Actually, I’m laying on my bed perusing crap online while one of my children takes a nap and I contemplate the same, but then the remainder of my children will come and ask for something as simple as a cup of water, which they are more than capable of getting themselves. Then I would feel way more tired than I do now.

What should you be doing right now? Sorting laundry. Always sorting laundry. I love organizing and washing it, and hanging it on the clothes line, but I do poorly in the follow up stakes. There are a number of baskets over-flowing with clean laundry which I will continue to walk past until I use it as a procrastination tool for something else. I should also bake some cookies, so boys don’t start asking for store-bought rubbish which they know are full of “chemicals” and preservatives.

What would you like to be doing right now? Sleeping, swimming (how come the kids get to have all the fun?), reading (The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly), writing my very own novel/s about stuff, but this counts as writing and also has points in the procrastination column.

If you had $1M what would you do with it (all bills are paid, don’t spend it on school fees, investment funds are disallowed)? Go vintage shopping. There are a few small shops where I live, but I recently read that there is a BY THE POUND vintage store in Portland, wtf?? I’d also put a secret passage in our house! Saw that on pinterest. And I guess a holiday in Hawaii wouldn’t go astray, either. There are also a bunch of things I would love to do to our house, like shutters, wooden flooring and a polished concrete deck with Pottery Barn conservatory.

I hear people yelling/fighting, so I guess my 5 minutes are up.


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