There are a few things in my life I do regret, though I cannot regret many things as I know that changing them or wanting to, would alter where I am now, which is not what I would want, hence not having time travel as a super power.

I do regret dumping a shite load of poetry that I wrote all through high school because I decided to move in with a tool of a boyfriend. (I do actually regret wasting my precious time on him but refer first paragraph.) I do regret wasting most of today (hardly on the same scale) because I have a heap of things that need doing and a heap almost as much that wants doing.  I often regret some of what I eat, though not at the time, but when I eat things I don’t regret I often wish I had eaten something I would. Sometimes I regret indulging my children at particular times only because I lose my train of thought and cannot write what was totally awesome and running through my head at the time. I do regret not waking myself up and writing down all the awesome things that go through my  head because I want to believe that I will remember them later, but I don’t regret going the f**k to sleep. I usually regret farting in the car, but not as much as Husband does. I always regret not getting enough snacks for any trip we take because the moment we get in the car, even if the boys have JUST EATEN, they will want snacks. Even a packet of rice cakes will suffice but we run out often or Husband has “cleaned out the car”, which is not as helpful as he thinks it is. I always regret not exercising, not taking any of the time I have wantonly wasted and ran off a few laps on the wii or kicked my own ass on the elliptical or something, but when I am bored of being bored and too bored to sit on the couch or too ridiculous to read my awesome book (insert name of current book – they are all awesome) I could be doing crunches or biggest loser marathon arm make-overs or some thing. Husband would agree, though he would be thinking along the lines of exercising the broom.

I do not regret that my children – while cheeky and sometimes shitty – are independent and argumentative. That may come back to bite me in some selfish way all too soon. I do not regret spending money unnecessarily on the boys (it’s shopping, right?!) for things that they might be interested in – I consider that encouragement. I also do not regret bribing them with treats as part of said encouragement. Case in point – almost 5yo started from the starting gate at the local bmx track today!! Therefore, everyone had ice-cream plus sprinkles and gummies which are full of the chemicals I try to avoid, but it was his choice. If only I could find something worthy of bribing the almost 3yo so that he would start using the toilet on a regular basis! I regret him weeing under the dining room table and in the car.


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