More Old Writing

July 14

“I’m supposed to be sleeping but almost always get my inspiration when I should be drifting off. Also, I recently said to myself that I would start writing shit down because it doesn’t come back to, it goes down my grey matter drain…

So. I haven’t written for months, and I think that much of what I wrote before is on the negative side. What can I say that is completely positive? My boys are beautiful, angelically beautiful. They love each other and have great temperaments.

And now? Let the circus begin. We drove to san fran w 2 preschoolers, a baby, us and MIL, then we drove back. Husband went to vegas for a bucks weekend (bachelor party), and mum and I moved us into a NEW HOUSE. Haven’t sold the old place, moving things from there to here is an ongoing process. Organising holidays and play-dates non-stop, trying to introduce semi-solids to a breast-happy 7month old, contemplating a 4th baby WTF?? Yeah, that’s right. Sheesh”

Well, the 4th baby will forever by a sore spot, but the rest of it has worked out pretty nicely. The boys are still angelically beautiful, especially, of course, when they are sleeping. And I have made the creepy parent habit of checking on them before I go to bed, even though they are capable of pulling up their own blankets. Almost 3yo has the temperament of a 3yo, so sometimes that is tough, but it is funny to see him collapse in anguish over a toy or a tv show or a whatever. I’m sure he hates me laughing at him but it is just so funny, all the more so because he is adorable. And then when he gets angry and yells at me for laughing, oh you poor dear.

We STILL have not sold our old house, but have a new agent and they seem to know more of their shit than previous agents, so that is promising. Our old house was burgled a few years ago, and it must have only happened 4 days before I went over there to collect some things that we hadn’t brought over. What an awful feeling, and my parents have had their house burgled a few times, woe! I felt bad at the time because I felt awful but also I felt bad because they had experienced it multiple times. Also, I had only just brought my nice jewellery box with jewellery !inside it! to the new house a week or so beforehand, eek! We ended up getting renters, so I have not worried about the house since, but now they have moved out so the painters are there, garden guys will be, then hopefully the dang place will be sold. It really is a gorgeous house, and I had forgotten how lovely it was until we went over there the other days to give the realtor some keys. Honestly though, I couldn’t imagine doing the things we have done in our current house, in the old house.

We have had holidays aplenty in the last nearly 2.5 years, and just came back from Australia a few weeks ago (oh my goodness, is it really only that short a time??), and will be going to my brother in law’s wedding in Europe soon. Actually, boys are part of the wedding party and tried on their blue linen pants today. Totes adorbs, but itchy as hell for them. I am attempting wedding shirt shopping tomorrow morning…

In terms of play-dates, they are just as frequent as before, even though big boys are older, youngest also now has his own set of friends, so we are still in the thick of it. As 6.5yo goes into first grade next month, I am not sure if he will do play-dates with new friends or sports sign ups, or what. This is the part where I start to juggle, I suspect. At least right now, or next month, I will still be able to allocate swimming for nearly 3yo while nearly 5yo is at preschool and 6.5yo is in “big school”.

Sometimes I wonder about “big school” for myself, but I don’t make time for the rest of the crap I have to do without making actual legitimate deadlines for myself outside of the home. And since I don’t get off my a-s-s to go ahead and just write my book/s, I don’t want to write about writing instead. And actually, I have bookmarked a whole bunch (such an american-ism) of free courses on iTunes that I have not got around to reading anyway. So for now, “big school” will just be for the little kids.


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