Ankle Algebra

We have contractors working at our house, so I have been oganised to the point of getting dressed asap in the morning, instead of the usual swanning around in my awesome vintage jammies til 5 minutes before we have to leave the house. I have also been putting shoes on to complete my outfit (staying classy) just like the Fly Lady recommends (she is a cleaning wizard), so that I may be more inclined to clean the house. I have been polishing my sink so the kitchen doesn’t look as messy (because that’s half the battle), but the rest of the house is a bloody mess! Shoes just aren’t cutting it for me. I think it’s also a combination of lack-of-crazy in the background plus just the right time in my lady cycle so I don’t mope around (like I am now) and actually give a shit. It could also be part of the procrastination equation – finding the floor capacity of spread out crap versus people’s need to walk and not break ankles.
Husband will be thankful I have not found the exact value of the floor capacity, and he will be thankful that we can see more of it. The shoes did not help but a bit of impetus did. The thing about impetus, though, is that it comes and it goes, much like my attention span. Micayla Lally


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