Robot Cleaner

For some reason I thought that the robotic vacuum cleaners would be cheaper than they are, I didn’t think it would be like buying a standard vacuum. Perhaps because they are way smaller, I assumed the price would be, too. But now it has just occurred to me – we already have a robot cleaner – it’s me. When I am in auto mode and not thinking about much except perhaps how long it’s been since I cleaned the window sill or why the oven doesn’t have an auto clean as well, I probably look like a robot cleaner; little to no facial expression, monotone responses to unnecessarily chipper Husband’s chit chat, moving around the room with purpose but no interest. Sigh. Yes, that sounds like me. I was that robotic at times during today as well, though no cleaning – what the?! Yes, procrastinated much of my time away with no exercise or much tidying, guilty as charged. I plan on switching to auto mode in a bit, but in the mean time, I KNOW there is something really interesting waiting for me down the scroll bars on pinterest.


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