‘Twas one of those days…

…when I didn’t get enough sleep last night (completely my fault), combined with tired kids (my fault, also) plus some of their friends, all running around playing – mostly in harmony – but tired almost 5yo got his poo boots on about, well, sort of everything. There wasn’t enough snacks (they barely eat on any other day when friends are visiting), somebody isn’t listening to me, boohoo, wah wah, etc. All that multiplied by a few days plus Husband away equals a frazzled mama *just breathe*.
After getting nearly 3yo up from a nap after only an hour (what an angel), load all and sundry into the car for friend’s appointment and decline offer of an hour sans kids (wtf??), I push on with my plan of frivolously blowing cash on kid’s hobbies. And that turned out pretty well, actually, as most of what we bought was on sale AND nearly 3yo initiated a visit to the toilet. I decided to press my luck and try my patience again by swerving over to the sports store – to no avail, they don’t have what I want. And yet again to Ross (an old fave) for birthday presents and maybe shoes for nearly 5yo. Dang he can be choosy! I saw a few pairs I would love to see him in, but he is pissy because I won’t indulge his demands for velcro shoes. No chance, Mr! They are for babies or the elderly. But I found a sweet pair for the exotic wedding next month, hooray!
And then what do you think I do?? Reward my tiredness with more hard work, and theirs with dessert *tsk tsk*.
When Sizzler *ssssssssizzlaaaaahh* first opened it Australia it was the bees knees, so cool, so yum! I think they have all but closed there now. When we moved to California, we were sorely disappointed and when we moved to Oregon, I all but ignored the local one. But I poo-pooed my supposedly better judgement a few months back and took the boys there for lunch. Their behaviour was questionable, the food acceptable. We even got dessert. Tonight we went there again, after all that traipsing around and whining that passed for shopping. Their behaviour was at times atrocious, and the food was acceptable. They even had dessert again, bloody ratbags.
Of course, after a day that seemed to my tired mind to sometimes border on chaos (what was I saying about harmony?), nearly 5yo fell asleep in the car, but was awake long enough after being carried hence, to dispute the legitamacy of bedtime, and some caterwauling ensued.
To complete this delightful day, I am awaiting the return of truant Husband so that he may pour some wine and give me a foot massage. I may also run off interstate while he is sleeping, just for a little while.

Micayla Lally


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