Probiotics (can’t think of sassy byline)

Big boys have recently gotten into bmx racing. It is a fun sport with a supportive, family environment, and I don’t mind dragging myself and 3 boys, plus a carload of snacks, bikes and helmets around a few times a week to watch them ride their hearts out. If nearly 3yo would get on a Stryder bike, then our evening races would be complete.
To “keep the merriment going” (Husband’s favourite movie) I got BMX Bandits from itunes for the boys to watch, but the actual plot was more than just radical jumps, so we haven’t watched it very often. Anyhoo, one of the main characters is a girl named Judy and I was browsing Craig’s List the other day and saw some bikes EXACTLY like Judy’s, so I just had to get them. I was ripping the big turns, jumps and dirt corners, etc, last weekend and ate shit big time, so one of my knees is pretty sore and scabby right now. The point of this ramble, is that when we got home and I got cleaned up, the scraped knee was sort of deep in places, and that night and the next morning it was throbbing a little and hot. I took 4 probiotcs twice a day for a few days, but I could see the knee getting better just a few hours from the first dose. My knee now is just a scabby mess, but has no redness or extra warmth, and is only sore because I caned myself, not because I have a nasty infection. Probiotics have been amazingly helpful for fending off infections as well as keeping my belly healthy.
Earlier this year I was chopping random vegetables for party snacks when I dang near chopped off the end of my finger, boo! The veges did not get bloody but I must have got onion juice or something in the cut because it also got hot and puffy the next day. The cut itself healed properly, but the finger was bloody sore. Enter the probiotics. Cleared up the heat, redness and swelling in a day or two without visiting the doctor for antibiotics. As a stay -home parent, I can ill-afford trips to anywhere with 3 boys in tow if I want to maintain my sanity, and occasionally my dignity. So add those to the list of PROs for probiotics.
In other news, 6.5yo has consistently been inconsistent in the bathroom, but probiotics *hallelujah* has helped him considerably. Probably within the last year, he has also had an insightly itchy ass, and no amount of gawping bystanders or red-faced comments from moi can deter him from jamming fingers and scrunched underpants in and around to relieve it. Poor sausage. Enter a probiotic strain for yeast, and voila!! No fingers have ventured south since we started it!! ‘Tis the most poignant miracle for a mother as the season of school photos approaches, *sniff*.
And while I’m oversharing, I also take a yeast-specific strain of adult strength probiotic because I get itchy fingers (so random?!) When I eat too many wheat/gluten products or sugary treats. That is really too bad because I seem to live for these types of foods.
Anyhoo, thus ends my testamonial to probiotics, friend for my whole family’s intestinal woes and general infections. Get on board with and get healthy!

Micayla Lally


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