Still no news on the egg predation

After a day out and about with the big boys, (nearly 3yo was so sad not to come with us) everyone is finally in bed and it sounds like they are out like lights already. I can finally put my feet up (and ice my still-tender knee) and snooze during a movie (Ronin).
I managed a couple of snoozes this morning which were most unsatisfactory. A sore body is so hard to settle, even in a temperpedic, but shite happens when one is hemorrhaging iron, woe is me. Woe is actually dealing with this lady-business in a cement-enclosed hole in the ground – long drop style – without toilet paper, running water or sanitizer. At least the doors were lockable.
After a birthday party at a local bmx track, during which time the boys became absolutely filthy with dust, and almost unrecognizable, we headed to the local Sears for some quick shoe shopping. Is there such a thing when shopping for boys? Today, there really was, after a trip to the loo, of course, so we could all sit in style and wash our hands properly afterward.
6.5yo’s shoes were found and sized within 5 minutes HOORAH. Admittedly, the pair for nearly 5yo took a little longer, and ice creams for all took longer as well, but we eventually made it home.
After a bit of this, that and the other, I went and gorged myself before dinner on blackberries and was watching the chickens as well. The birds love blackberries as much as I do, and I think they are coming on nicely where I have been weaving them in and out of the wire fence. Eventually, I hope they – and some other plants – will cover the fence entirely. Anyhoo, supping on berries brought me down to the end of the orchard and chicken yard. Yesterday I planted the trail camera behind the house to hopefully see something. There was nothing. It does smell skunky, though. After I was done with the berries, I put the trail camera right at the corner of the chicken yard, where a new tunnel has been dug, right beside one of the concreted openings. I am hopeful to see something this time. Anything. Last night I dreamt that two moles were tunnelling everywhere in the chicken yard and the ground was collapsing, so I grabbed the pitchfork and killed one of them; then I was worried that the chickens would gorge themselves on the resulting mess and become bloodthirsty and turn on me before I could get out. Dude!
All during dinner I was watching the camera at the corner of the chicken house, and wondering if I should check it in the morning or wait until mid-afternoon. Probably the latter, as tomorrow the big boys are in summer camp and it will be a busy morning. Coming home from a playdate for nearly 3yo, though, I will be mentally cancelling my To Do list so I can while away the afternoon googling what creatures a shadowy snout might belong to. Dang, I have already put off most of my To Do’s for way too long, and Husband needs clean underwear!


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