Ground Squirrels

I did end up bringing the trail camera inside this morning, since I woke up rudely early after about 6 hours sleep. Wt?? There were 2 pictures that were completely white and were taken at 10.40pm and around 3am. So there is something there but the camera won’t snap it. I think it is/they are ground squirrels – very anti-climactic.I have seen these 2 big squirrels around the yard lately, which is odd as I rarely see tree squirrels around here, owing, no doubt, to the dearth of predatory birds in the vicinity. Anyhoo, these 2 squirrels are bigger than their tree-climbing cousins and have a wide bushy tail. They have been hanging around the grass in the yard and along the fenceline to the orchard. I thought they were just stupid tourists who didn’t realize their imminent danger. But I scared one of them today when I was hauling a basket of clothes out to the clothes line, and it bolted straight to the tunnel under Toad Hall, before turning around and looking for me again. Hmmm. I have seen them around there more often, now that I am looking for them, and I suppose I don’t have a problem with them living under there. I don’t leave chicken food around and I empty the water container daily, so… But on the other hand, what is going on with the eggs? I suppose it just is too hot for the chickens. But what about the golf ball? Also, about 6 birds have taken to sleeping in one of the nesting boxes, which is messy, and I am sure it interferes with anyone who actually wants to sit and contemplate the world for a little while.

I need to place large boards between each box, so that the ladies may lay if they wish, and hopefully the walls will discourage people from sleeping (and pooping) in the nesting boxes.

I have also noticed that Buffy has not crowed very much of late, and I have not seen him have his way with the women at all since we came back from holidays 2 months ago. Normally he will jump anything that moves, up to 6 times an hour if he is really energetic. Perhaps he peaked too early.


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