Sew Cool

I love the pair of shoes I bought for the upcoming exotic wedding. I have been wearing them around the house (not outside yet, just in case) and feel so grown up again, like I used to do when I worked in an office and wore officey clothes. And don’t forget the shoes.
Anyhoo I have 95% finished sewing my butchered wedding veil onto a too-short dress I have (not last minute or anything), and the length is just right HOORAY! Husband approves so it is definitely legit. It is now very acceptable to wear without opaque tights, and will go very well with my new shoes, perhaps to the ladies’ dinner before the wedding.
I used my new dress form to help a little, though she turned out to be more of a pain in the ass rather than a reproduction of it. Firstly, I have no cushion stuffing lying around, so I used curtain fabric to jam in her junk, because that is something I do have copious amounts of, taking up space in cardboard boxes in what would otherwise be a fairly well organized and grown up boudoir. Therefore, secondly, she is heavy, so I can’t just hang the bitch up and drape great swaths of fabric off her shapely buttocks and cut to size as easily as I would like to. In fact, I have an electric oil heater, 2 different stools plus a chair in the corner of the room where I was trying to set up a pseudo-elegant dress form for the purposes of hemming my lacey-assed dress. Thirdly, Husband and I both get a little jumpy because she is life-sized. Not the correct height, obviously, but bulky enough to give one pause when entering the room. Fourth(ly), I don’t know what to do with her now, at least for the short term – easily 5 weeks – because the fair starts tomorrow, getting ready for the holiday, then the holiday, then 6.5yo starting first grade, nearly 3yo starting swimming lessons again, and hopefully some playdates for will-be-5yo-by-then in there to bulk out my schedule a little more. And sewing comes a close 59th in there somewhere. At least she will come in handy for halloween. I could very easily adapt her to be Mrs Lego.


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