It’s Fair Time

Husband and I bought a 30s house a few years ago (hello! It has a laundry shoot!) and a good few things needed updating. We were living interstate at the time and were time-poor on the weekends we visited, and we still were when we eventually moved into it. Husband is a bit of a handy man but I had to draw the line at things that I thought were pretty bloody dangerous, like stuff on the roof or the high windows, or chimney brick work etc. Husband was all about saving cash whereas I was all about saving necks, and funnily enough, I remain that way to this day. Anyhoo, I have always wanted to have colonial photos taken – I love the sepia copies but also the outfits! Husband – not so much. He indulges me a little in a lot of ways, some of which might be a leedle embarrassing for a Husband, but I always thought that colonial pics would be great for him, too. In particular the faux facial hair – not necessarily faux, Husband can grow a beard in about 6 days – and the shotguns generally strewn over people’s shoulders, the garter belts wouldn’t go astray, either. Nevertheless, he remained steadfast. And so I proposed that he never risk his neck to do jobs that I would disapprove of, if I would never again darken his brow with mention of my beloved colonial photographs. He agreed. I have given up my hope of aged photography and crinoline skirts, but I keep seeing ye olde time booths everywhere. Like at the state fair. Oh! How I did yearn to see my boys dressed up with sherrif and deputy badges pinned to their pockets, or boots and britches before a backdrop of saloon doors. But I did not mention it, to them (as if!) or to Husband, so that he will never take it into his head to nail down that loosened shingle or angle the receiver dish just because it would be quicker to do it himself. I love a go-getter, but I want mine to stay put.
I love going to the fair, but I wonder if I faired myself out by going to the county fair beforehand. We saw some animals, the police department (honey – don’t ever let me see you get into the back of a police car except for today), the dancing groups, the farming machinery, and the apprentice face painters. At the state fair we avoided the face painting, but managed to score some cheap-ass toy prizes and we saw the competition entries. We vow to do the lego entries next year! I would also like to enter a hat or some lace, but will see how my time and projects equate into a realistic time frame over the next 4 months first.
Foremost on the boys minds at the fair, or indeed, any time we leave the house, is to eat. I was happy that there were a few healthy options, and we managed to get some wheat-free items as nearly 3yo is allergic. I was disappointed I didn’t get a deep-fried snickers, but you can’t win them all. I did have an adult beverage to remind myself that I don’t have to sink to their levels all the time, and because I wanted to sit at a table with an umbrella without feeling guilty. Combined with some half-melted ice cream, I’d probably not get the drink next time.
We went on half-priced rides day, but my friend said she got her monies worth from the wrist-bands, and I think I’ll do that next year. Rides for the boys were definitely a highlight, though 6.5yo asking if we could go home (due to being all partied out) then everyone sleeping for more than 2 hours when we got there, was pretty dang memorable. That’s what I want at the fair next year, too.


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