Il Matrimonio

The boys were superb during the ceremony, and messing around but only to the point of cuteness a few times. After some photos, we took them back to il casa for naps, and we woke them for il pranzo. In the mean time, Husband and I were able to swan around the pool with bubbles and fancy clothes; the whole thing looked like a fancy party from Mulholland Drive.
I have not seen many grande sized italianos, and I just can’t figure that out since the standard meal service includes a pasta dish, a rice dish, then the main meal, then dessert. Plus wine for all, but that part is pretty easy. Anyhoo, il figlio were mostly well-behaved. We had flashlights for running around in the dark plus the obligatory hot wheels, then the thoughtful bride and groom had colouring books for all the bambinos. Then towards the end of their patience quota, we set up a movie on the ipad for them.
We are all tuckeredeedoo, but Husband and I plan to head back for some more beats and booze. I am quite getting the hang of this up-all-night business.

Apparently, I am famous around la villa per mia hats! But isn’t it amazing what the drunk will bring out in people. Such poignant words, heartfelt and all that. And then we all go our separate ways. But travel is special, and we shouldn’t let ties to loved ones stop us from going. I’m sure that vodka is not good for my head cold, but perhaps the mint is good.
Tre hours later, Husband and oi making our own after party, which will end up looking like sheet.


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