La Strada a Piza

Day 6
Affrettati! Il figlio awoke unnaturally early considering they went to bed after 11. But oi recovered after some proscuitto e uovo, no formaggio, though. Bags packed, la casa emptied, ciao ciao ciao and noi sono away.
We stopped at another small cafe for some colazione (just realized I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly, any wonder she didn’t understand me), and we managed the order without using the phrase book very much, that’s a personal best for Husband. Sandwiches, pizza e proscuitto e formaggio, of course. Plus due caffe for simpatico marito. Gelato for il figlio then back in il camper and on la strada.
This is the first giorno threatening rain, but at least we would get use out of the rain jackets I packed. We didn’t end up using them. The Leaning Tower – just wow!!
We have run out of prosciutto, how has this been allowed to happen? Husband is awed that every shop everywhere has the finest sliced meat in the world.
Great il pranzo with la famiglia at spiaggia ristorante – Canessa BARistorante – but the service was awful, as was the whole town of Baratti. Everyone seemed put out that our party had small children and wheels to transport them in, and the staff in each of the 3 places we tried were almost complete assholios; did they think that a party of 9 would not have to spend a pretty penny to dine?. We were out of places to go and out of time, so we had gelato first, then pulled out the ipad again for the bambinos so we wouldn’t upset ourselves or the rest of the assholio customers, even though some la genta were blowing il fumo into la ristorante and still others had large cane at their table, wt?!
Vino with la famiglia in their piccolo la casa, then creep back to il camper for sonno. It started raining later and it was so loud, I thought 6.5yo would wake in fright, he doesn’t like that sort of thing. The assholios of Baratti were also openly disdainful of il camper, I didn’t sleep properly as I was half expecting the locals to, I don’t even know, but I was slept uneasy.


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