More Early Birds

Yesterday was a better wake up at 5.30 for all, but today is another 4.30, bloody hell. I even stayed up a little later watching Baby Mama (how can you be pregnant – your eggs are from the 40s) but I suppose I’m only more tired instead. Boys are also awake, making a bloody racket clambering up and down the slides on their beds. Husband is sound asleep, of course.
Today I wanted to go to the lego shop as a surprise for 5yo, but being awake before 5 changes all that. They will be lucky to stay awake on the drive across town for bike racing, I’m sure. Actually, 5yo hurt his ribs yesterday and the first thing he said between baby blubbers was “I don’t want to ride bmx anymore”, poor sausage. I coaxed him back on the bike plus a few more laps for good measure, but I doubt he will push for more than a participant ribbon today. We can save the lego business for another day, and that means I can (hopefully) finish preparing for the party tomorrow, and maybe tidy the house beyond dragging everything behind closed doors. Whose idea was it to have birthday party this weekend, anyway?
5yo is having a Transformers party, so I have been racking my brain for ideas, which was super hard last night since I was super sleepy, but also because we don’t watch Transformer cartoons or the movies! Here is what I gleaned from random movie websites before I got caught up with Greg Kinnear last night: autobots – good, decepticons – bad. They come from a planet called Cybertron, and all hell breaks loose occasionally. Therefore, the mission tomorrow will involve finding the elemental crystals using the torches of justice, to shield the earth from the Decepticon’s weapon and restore power to the planet Cybertron, or words to that effect. Said crystals will be plastic cylinders I have painted with glow in the dark paint, and will be hidden around the yard to run off the sugar in the cake. I have just about finished the pinata, though I’m too tired to make it even half as elaborate as I imagined, and I have to cut out the masks again, because the ones I did before were stupidly small, boo. But I think it will be a fun afternoon, arthritic fingers (from all the cutting) aside.


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