Early birds

It was finally the first day of school for 6.5yo! He had missed the first week because we were away and then he missed an extra day because we got home at 4am. On that morning he got up at 4am and got dressed down to his shoes, came downstairs and asked when we were leaving. Shoes off and up to play lego for, oh, 3 hours before we left. I had been awake since before 3, tossing and turning a bit before just getting out of bed. Eventually I started laundry and baking while Husband slept like a husband. We would need to do groceries later and I figured we would all be overtired by then. Cue shenanigans in the trolley and me the angry moooom in the store.
5yo threatened sleep in the car but I managed to keep him awake because nearly 3yo had a swimming lesson across town. I don’t like carrying anyone these days when I can help it, though the pram is in the car and actually 5yo desnt weight mich more than nearly 3yo. Anyhoo, it would have been great if 5yo did fall sleep beside the pool, but of course he pushed the pram around and signalled me pretty much the whole time.
Nearly 3yo is a bit of a water baby, so he is beyond the infant classes he has taken 3 or 4 times. He joined in a 3yo class since the time slots were mixed around, and he did better than the older kids! He swam without me, boo, sniff. So this will be the last session he does with moi. I assume this means he will give Phelpsie a run for his world records in a decade or so.
Boys fell asleep in the car on the way home, of course, though not as soon as I would have liked. 5yo seems to have a jet propulsion engine in his pie hole – talking makes him go faster. If the yapper can be turned off then he usually slows down, but it’s a sequence I cannot often figure out.
Post naps and Husband is back at it in his office. Throw nearly 3yo in the car because it’s time to collect 6.5yo from his first day of school. This will forever be recalled as the day he “got left behind” because I was 6 minutes late driving into the carpark, and he did the walk of shame with his teacher outside to find me, woe! I am quite sure that sort of stuff is noted down in a file somewhere, just like the glaringly printed ‘absent’ on his table calendar. That hurt a little.


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