Piss and Vinegar

During our holiday, wine with dinner and more wine after dinner led to my BIL educating me on why my boys can’t pee in the loo without making a mess. My SIL was mortified, and I sort of was as well. The whole discussion was equal parts enlightening, unnecessary and gross, and now, 10 says later, I can’t get his hand movements out of my mind. Eeek! Thankfully, our days have been full enough so we haven’t spent much time at home and consequently in the bathrooms, but the weekend is approaching and I just know that Husband will balk at leaving the house for anything less than hospitalisation. Exceptions to that will include bmx on Saturday and hopefully a trip to the Lego store for 5yo to blow his birthday cash and generally run amok, but I had better have my vinegar spray bottle at the ready for the remainder.
I LOVE using vinegar as a cleaner – it is a single ingredient and cuts through pretty much everything on my breakfast table that the boys can spill, smear or otherwise leave behind. And it works a treat in those nasty bathrooms.


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