The Bucket List

Before I kick the bucket, I need to fill it with hot water and mop the floor with it, but mopping isn’t high on my priority list unless there are nasty spills – vacuuming will usually suffice. My Bucket List consists of things that need doing in the immediate short term, rather than in the far off of when I gray out my hair and watch grand kids run through the house on holidays.
My list right now includes things like “make the solar sytem mobile”, “hem jeans”, “pick apples from the old house” and then “make apple chutney”, among other things. I have actually done quite a good job (haha) of completing tasks since we came home, and that is not entirely due to putting easy jobs on the list to begin with. I have completed such riveting jobs as “clean chicken coop”, “sort laundry” (no laughing matter), “make (liquid hand) soap”, “mow the lawn” (there was also a mouse out there YAAAAAAAHHHHH), and rewire “grapevine”. Sounds simple enough but I’ve time for none of it, so yay me for getting shit done regardless.
Another thing I have added to the list is make throw cushions for my boys out of shirts they have grown out of. I’m not a super fantastic seamstress but I do ok, and I found 2 Elmo shirts that nearly 3yo is too big for and is not cute wearing anymore because his belly hangs out too far instead of just a little bit. And we have an abundance of pillow stuffing just lying around. I also have some fabric left over from having some furniture recovered, so it sounds like I just created a lot of work for myself. But seriously, how cute would two Elmo pillows look on his bed? Totes adorbs, that’s how. And perhaps swapping the material between the brown armchairs and the Peacock (coloured) Sofa would look fabulous, especially against the bedroom wall colour (sea foam). Sure, we wouldn’t see them under mounds of crap that remains to be put away, but that would be a nice touch to our Parent’s Retreat. And that is a job that 5yo could help with – what child wouldn’t love pulling the actual stuffing out of stuff and jamming it into something else? No son of mine, that’s fo’ shizzle. But that is after we get our Thanksgiving Turkey from out of town and probably do a Costco run, so (sew) actually doing it after that when nearly 3yo is napping would be good timing. That is the plan for tomorrow, then: turkey, costco, sew. Turkey, Costco, Sew. TURKEY! COSTCO! SEW! I may dream that in Dora’s voice tonight. Thanks Nickelodean.


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