Power Finally Went Out

I noticed about 2 months ago that the evening breezes changed from ‘hot as balls’ to ‘cool and sweet’. To me, that signalled the beginning of the end of Summer. Then the leaves changed to yellow here and there, and then to pink, and that was before our at times calamitous holiday. Post Italy, more leaves are making haste to the ground and now the rains have started, and this weekend the winds were super strong and the wet weakened occasionally for the boys to run out the sillies in the garden. I’m surprised the electricity lasted a whole weekend before going out. But it is Sunday evening, there is little to do but drink wine by candlelight, anyway. Another good thing about having no power is not having to clean – there is no point turning on the generator just for that!
Since Husband was home today, we attempted some jobs around the house to prepare for the inevitable outage, but the weather got the better of us so we took naps instead. We did bring in some wood, and poke around for kindling. I also brought forth an involuntary scream – or ongoing shriek, call it what you will – as some bark, lichen and fluff erupted and spewed out a mouse with 2 or 3 widdle babies in tow. *blech* Countryside or not, mice are nasty.
Tomorrow, everyone will be at school, and while I should go grocery shopping since I won’t have screaming leeches hanging off me, there won’t be anything else so pressing that I can’t sit down and get back into my book, I haven’t written anything in, oh, 6 years, at least much of any length or substance. Oh, the humanity. Procrastination be gone fro me!


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