Ran my first 5k

I wouldn’t mind being in some sort of shape besides my current one. And I like the idea of running, even though I’ve never done it before. I like the idea of running around for a bit and watching the pounds slide right off. However, my pear-shaped parts aren’t fans of running, and I feel pretty self-conscious about when moving around in general. And since when were tight gym clothes an incentive to work out? I want to work out to wear (not super) tight clothes, not feel bad wearing the neon lycras when doing squats or lunges or chest presses or anything that makes my parts sweat and jiggle. However, a friend suggested a run a few months ago, a fun run, so tutus etc. I opted for a big dress so the gym clothes were covered. Bingo!
It rained a bit in the morning but petered out before we got going; the boys a-boo-hooing over and over was a bit trying but nonetheless, I managed 15-20min of actual running out of a roughly 50min round trip. Not too shabby, and in a prom dress, no less. Of course, I am feeling a bit rundown today, but I also didn’t warm up or warm down, or train, or exercise in general beforehand, so I’m probably lucky I didn’t hurt my-bloody-self.
Anyhoo, I am seriously (seriously?!) Thinking about another 5k next weekend – The Monster Dash – so I can cover up my running gear again with a costume of sorts, and push around three whiny bastards in a bike trailer again. At this rate, I will get massive shoulders and biceps in no time, and say !Goodnight! to bingo wings for, maybe, a decade or so if I am lucky.


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