No rest for the wicked. Well, maybe a little.

I thought I’d sneak off for a little break this afternoon. I headed to my bedroom but was assailed by the laundry there, waiting and waiting and waiting for days on end (possibly 7 of them) to be sorted, folded and put “away”. Ho hum. Husband ‘helped me put his clothes away’, ha. Then I thought I would put the other laundry out of its misery, the unsorted, unwashed, unloved laundry that had also, quite possibly, been waiting 7 days to be taken care of. If someone took that kind of care of me, it would mean I had paid large sums of money to stay in some sort of spa resort.
I do actually have plans to go away, not to a resort, though, boo! Two years ago I arranged a night (oh boy, was it only one night? I can’t even remember) away from all and sundry. I am arranging another stay away early in the new year, because I deserve it, damn it! No big dollar costs, though, at least, not all at once. I will be going for a mid-range hotel with complimentary breakfast and wi-fi, because I feel guilty spending lots of money, so I go for medium amounts of money more often. I’m sure it works out to be about the same, but that’s how my brain works. On the other hand, by going mid-range hotel, I can do ALL the things I would love to do, instead of only some of them. I think there is even an opening night of an opera while I will be in town, awesome! Add in some high tea, a museum or two and perchance some new body art, it will be a great holiday. Because family holidays are still work, which is why the photos from family holidays – even exotic European ones – are filled with kids pulling faces and parents guzzling wine, rather than smiling serene faces. Geez, even taking the photos is hard work – “just one more! Just one more, look at the camera!” etc. There was not one amazing photo from our recent holiday! We took pictures in front of the Leaning Tower of Piza, The Coliseum, random statuary, and of course the obligatory shots at the wedding. But no, not one single photo where everyone is smiling nicely, looking at the camera and is awake. On the day of the wedding, when everyone was dressed nicely, all three of the boys were looking anywhere but at the camera and it was the only day on the entire holiday when my hair was noticeably awful. I probably won’t even take a single photo when I go away, except perhaps random selfies to tease the house bound-husband, mwuh ha haaa. Take THAT for mechanical-bull-riding.


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