Naive Life Plans

When I moved to sydney nearly a decade ago, I wrote two plans for myself: I think the first one was for the – at that time – next 10 years and was for the single me; the second one was for a married me, and I’m sure it was done as an afterthought. When we were engaged and flying to the US together for the first time (we have taken that trip 6 times altogether, I think), not-yet-husband and I were (drinking complimentary booze) drawing up a new plan for – I think – our next 10 years. I found it again a month or so ago, and have put it inside one of the kitchen cupboards. I also started another one, but mostly it is to map out wish-fulfillment of the holidays we would like to take, but of course, writing them down effectively makes them set in stone. I have no idea where the first two plans are or if I even have them somewhere, but it would certainly be interesting to compare them. That goes without saying, really. We have accomplished most of what we set out to do, I think (I’m snuggled under a blanket on the couch, so I’m not going to go and check right now) – except for one thing in particular that Husband let slide right by, more fool him – and we are pretty happy with that. Obviously I am still working on the publishing aspect, but all is well that ends well.
From what I can remember, the single me had 5 years to finish the book (have 1 eye on Zombie Night on tele, so distracting! In other news, why do I watch this shit when Husband is away??), and the ball and chain me had 10 years. Well, 10 years is up *now* and I have started writing again. But what of the other things that would have been on the list? Travel would have been on there at some point, and I have managed a little of that. What should I or would I have had on the list? If I were to write one again, then, times aside, it may look like this:
+ travel to europe
+ live overseas
+ learn a foreign language
+ finish the bloody book and make haste on the others
+ do those itunes free courses (I’m realistic about how much time I have)

Those things do look pretty realistic for us, but perhaps Husband has a few things of his own to add, but this is my blog so he can just tag along with my list for the time being.


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