The Bathroom is now my Bitch

Today, I attempted to change a shower head. This is my story.
I’ve already declogged a drain, so I’m totally ready for this.
Remove new showerhead from packaging, check.
One google search said I don’t need to turn off the water, and I don’t recall Husband doing that when he changed other showerheads, so I’m forging ahead.
Hit a snag almost immediately, but persistence pays off, I think.
Hmmm, I seem to have hit an impasse. Something looks like it will spray water uncontrollably if I keep fiddling. Fuck it.


Awkward success, no bathroom calamities. Am going to try and take the locked bulb thing off, which may lead to full scale renovations, which would eventually to lead to breakdown of the marrital unit.
When in doubt, bang it with a wrench.


I’m going to need a bigger wrench.


Im going to try a hammer.
Just found one of Husband’s toenails GNARLY.
Am trying the spray on liquid wrench route, this time. Perhaps I should have thought of that before I dented the fittings, hmmm. Pipe down Husband voice.
Liquid wrench, you’re my hero! Actually, today I’m my own hero.



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