Kids in the Kitchen

Pinterest has all the cool ideas, and copying them has occasionally worked for me.
I saw a picture of a sassy little girl in an I Love Lucy-styled kitchen, and knew that my boys would love a kitchen of their own. When we visit our friend’s cafe, the kitchen is often cause for tears because they don’t want to share it. So.


This former entertainment unit has the perfect configuration,  which makes it all much easier for me.
As a hoarder in training, I just happen to have some old electrical switches lying around, plus our old house phone that the boys love playing with.
I traced some black circles on one side if the ‘bench top’ for the stove, then super-glued the switches in between them, and measured where the sink would go. I had just the right bowl to use for a sink, and after cranking up the reciprocating saw this morning and wielding the super glue again, everything is looking pretty good.
Husband cut 2 shelves, and now we just need a door for the fridge. No one has shown any immediate need for a microwave, and that’s ok with me.
I would like to get some hooks to hang up pots and pans, but the kitchen is totes awesome already.


Nailed it.


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