It’s that time of year again.

Oh love! Nearly 3yo is sick. There is no temperature, but he does feel hot to me. There is a general malais which has been somewhat alleviated by watching tv. He is well enough tonight to chase his brothers around in some annoying game, though.
Apparently, there is something going around, but isn’t there always. Husband complains of boo-hoo this and wah-wah that, but he is actually fine.
[Mancold codral]
This morning after school drop-off and friend pick-up, nearly 3yo watched Lego Star Wars for too long before I hoiked him off to bed. I managed to convince him to swallow a small spoonful of honey before bed last night and this morning for good measure. He had a great nap that parents everywhere are jealous of.
Post school pick-up and farewelled friend, I tried again with the honey, initially to no avail. Buckwheat honey tastes like shit, and nearly 3yo knows it. Do I force my kids to eat pieces of shit for breakfast? Yes, yes I do, but only when they sound like they have or are getting a chest cold. Anyhoo, this afternoon Mr Croaky declined the honey again and again, regardless of bribes, regardless of threats. He countered with a happy acceptance of going to the doctor’s office for a needle or two because he knows the needles are to make him healthy (touche), so as to avoid eating that shitty honey. Eventually I did bribe him with a teeny tiny nearly 3yo handful of gummies and more tv, but he was running away from me most of the time.
I try not to lie to the boys about things – most things – but I have told little white ones on occasion; I often employ my parents’ tactics of avoiding questions, but I am not below the use of threats as part of my parenting arsenal when I’m scraping the bottom of my patience/time/tiredness barrel. An oft-heard threat during sickness weather is that of having to go to the doctor for needles if you don’t (insert whatever medicine i need them to take). On the other hand, we haven’t used medicine much lately, though it will be a while, I think, before I can convince them to chug some apple cider vinegar more than once.


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