You know you are a mother when…

…when nothing, you KNOW you are a mother because you are populating the mofo’ing earth. But just for the sake of conversation…
Motherhood is getting into the car and smelling hot chips (or is that bum?) and finding a box of leftovers. Sweet!
Motherhood is cranking the radio as I speed toward Winco to do grocery shopping by myself and being happy about it.
Motherhood is calmly and maturely using correct anatomical names for my child’s body parts, and being fine with not laughing because Husband isn’t available to partake in my hee-hawing. I never thought I would yell out PERIOD to my 6yo son, but that is what I have done, and it was ok, at least until I got in the car and could laugh without explaining why. I could never say the word before, but 6.5yo says it in regards to punctuation.  Personally, I say full stop. When the boys are stalling at bed time they end their shenanigans with good night Love You BYE! !HAVE A GOOD SLEEP! !!P E R I O D!!. Of course, I am waiting for the day someone tells me to have a good period.


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