Purse Genetics

I gave myself a new handbag for Christmas last year, after fighting my mother to take it home when we both locked eyes on it in the store. I did find a pretty alternative for her, but I could tell that Mum was pissed. It doesn’t have shoulder straps, just one small strap that I do occasionally throw over my shoulder because that’s how I roll.
Anyhoo, I have my emergency supplies in the pockets and I did manage to drastically reduce the number of things I NEED, so, in theory, the only things in the main section of my bag should be my wallet, a notebook and some hankerchiefs. But cue the motherhood dealio, and of course I have a bunch of other shit crammed in there, too.

There were about 6 cheese stick wrappers,  900 old receipts,  some dirty paper napkins, a few token business cards, a full-sized invoice and some store promo discount cards. In the back of the door storage is jammed 3 (clean) pairs of widdle boy underpants, 3 mesh produce shopping bags, a few (dirty) socks, a pair of gloves and a washable sandwich wrapper. My bag feels so light now! I LOVE having a grown up handbag that is empty of underpants and hot wheels, but I know that straight after my grown up appointment today, all that shit will be straight back inside,  and in another day or two, there will be just as much paper rubbish in there, too. Perhaps if I am very lucky, the receipts will be for something like wine or spirits, rather than the more mundane items that are within the genetic make up of my mummy purse.


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