We are parked out the front of the bank. I need to actually go inside the bank, how passe. After taking 6.5yo to school, we are early for even the Chase bank, and rather than drive another 10 minutes to do something for 5 then drive back, i decided we would just camp out.
I have seen a few staff members coming and going, and milling around inside, and i think they are taking the car rego details for future reference.
5yo refuses to keep his sweater on, ever, including this morning when it was 29F at school. So after convincing him to put the damn thing on, and helping him with his socks and sneakers for the same reason, i had to get nearly 3yo into some underpants. Yes, i actually left the house with a preschool-aged child, wearing no underpants. So pants off, underpants on, pants back on, kids jumping around in the backseat and now threatening to poke each others eyes out and break those new fishing rods so we couldn’t take them back to the store. Yes, totes gypsies. My eye make-up may even be a bit dark and smudged, and my kids unwashed and smeared with food. Totes gypsies.


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