Slow the fuck down, people.

The other day on the way to pick up 6.5yo from school, there was an accident on the road. We are a bit out of town and there is one corner where the accidents happen, that is also on a slight hill. I have never witnessed an accident happen there, thank goodness, but they are semi-regular occurrences there during the cold weather.
I don’t know if the road is extra slick there compared to other stretches, it is sort of a blind corner but mostly the accident involves only one car. A couple of times the car has been on its roof! Perhaps the driver wrenches the wheel on just the wrong spot in the corner, maybe there was an animal, but I cannot understand that happening at all unless they are driving stupidly fast.
Anyhoo, I do a good job, I think, of screening the boys from much of the wreck sites where I can, and talk to them about why the accident might have happened, and also why we shouldn’t slow down and look, or even look at all if we can reasonably avoid it.
When driving to school the other day, that accident made me feel sick when I saw the flashing lights through the trees. It was quite soon after the accident occurred, i think, because there were 5 emergency vehicles there, no traffic direction officer, and ambulance officers wheeling stretchers around. The road is near a bit of a drop off so I wasn’t going to try and turn around and go the long way around, so I sat there for probably 25 minutes.
I can’t see the drivers using their phones on that part of the road, but who knows, maybe they really were that careless. On the other hand, maybe the light – or lack of – and a deer on the side of the road with a tighter corner than they anticipated plus a downhill caught them off guard. I live in fear of getting a phone call like that.


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