Permission Denied

The first house my parents bought was in a small suburb, and may or may not have been full of asbestos. Their neighbour was an older fellow with an immense vegetable garden and an even more impressive collection of china plates. He was oft in the newspaper regarding his collection, but i couldn’t find any links on line. I think he passed away unmarried and I can only assume that his collection went to a local charity or community centre.
My grandparents often had plates on their walls as decorations; my parents didn’t have as many but they still had one or two. There was a blue and white Dutch plate, of course, as my dad’s family is Dutch, and there was the plate that said “I’m the boss in this house, and I have my wife’s permission to say so”. As I got older I understood it and  appreciated it; I wonder where it went. It probably got passed around for a laugh or ended up at the local charity store, much like half of my crap does when we have moved or cleaned out some part of the house. Maybe it’s still hanging in my parents’ kitchen… I should insert some marital joke or two, about who wears the pants, but I’d just as soon strangle Husband with said pants if he were to bring home a plate like that.


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