just a little crush

6.5yo has a wedding in the works, and he is oblivious. Bloody typical.
What was I doing in grade 1? In grade 2 I had a pseudo crush on a kid named Craig. He had platinum white hair and brown eyes, was smallish compared to the other boys and was nice to everyone, whereas the other boys weren’t particularly nice to the girls. Consequently,  he didn’t have boy germs so he was the one I chased at the birthday parties (perhaps he was the slowest). But I liked a different guy throughout primary school, he did have boy germs and I found it hard to look at him, much as our friends’ daughter feels about my son. I think he arrived late term, so maybe he just appealed to me as the new kid for the next 4 years.
I ask 6.5yo about his friends and who he plays with and what he does at recess and what kids in his class are doing, and I include the girls names when I am listing off people. He plays with them sometimes, but sometimes “all the girls do is just talk. They talk in line and walk around at recess and just talk.” I would prefer he isn’t playing ‘catch and kiss’ for another decade, at least, but are they really so uninteresting?
One of our friends’ sons has his own crush, but I am happy for 6.5yo to sit this one out for a while longer.


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